10 Treats to Make with Apples (Besides Apple Pie)

Who doesn’t love apple pie? It’s as American as…well, apple pie. But during this apple season, when your readers are wondering what else to make with all those delicious apples, why not suggest some of these other tasty treats?

  1. “Just Like Mom’s” Apple Crisp
  2. Apple Streusel Coffee Cake
  3. Moist Caramel Apple Cake
  4. Apple Pecan Cheesecake
  5. Caramel Apple Sundae Pie
  6. Apple Walnut Bread Pudding
  7. Upside-Down Apple Tart
  8. Cinnamon Apple Snack Cake
  9. Caramel-Dipped Apples
  10. Apple Crumble

So next time you go apple picking, you’ll know what to do with all those apples you bring home. Meanwhile, for a pick-your-own apple farm near you, check out this handy guide.

I received this posting from Kraft none of these ides or writings are mine although I do plan to make them all, can you hear my hips crying haha.


  1. Lewis F says:

    Please let us know how the apple pies have turned out.

  2. Geri says:

    My favorite recipe is the Apple Walnut Bread Pudding from Kraft.

  3. Anne Taylor says:

    We used to go out to my Uncles place and make home made apple juice! It was like nothing I’ve ever tasted! Apples are really very versatile!


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