100% Natural Lipton Iced Tea

I am so not an iced tea fan, I have no idea why the taste is simply not appealing to me. My kids and Lee on the other hand all LOVE to drink iced tea and I encourage it generally because I believe it is a good drink especially in the summertime for kids.  My only qualm with it is the additives most iced teas seem to have.  Lipton has recognized that and is giving me peace of mind with their 100% natural Lipton iced tea.

The Lipton iced tea is available in four flavors Green Tea with Citrus and Iced Tea with Lemon, as well as two new flavors—Iced Tea with
Pomegranate Blueberry and Green Tea with Passionfruit Mango.  If you are looking for diet options then be sure to check out the naturally flavored and preservative-free diet flavors—Diet Green Tea with Citrus and Diet Green Tea with Watermelon.  Lipton knows iced tea and prides themselves on their innovation and continue to remain at the forefront of meeting consumers’ needs by constantly reinventing and finding new ways for more people to enjoy tea.

The 100% natural Lipton iced tea hit the shelves in April of this year and is available in a 20 ounce sized bottle priced from  $.99 – $1.59.  My kids absolutely loved that we received samples of this and took turns trying all the different kinds.  While the pomegranate blueberry was not a huge hit with the older kids the younger two absolutely downed it.  The older two loved the other kinds but when asked what their favorite was they responded with the iced tea with lemon, they love new flavors but deep down are simply kids and prefer the regular stuff and taste to all the other flavors.

Lipton has partnered with Pandora One, which gives you no ads, unlimited skips and unlimited listening to encourage you to enjoy the natural side of music while enjoying the natural iced tea.  New Pandora stations for this partnership include Lipton PopLipton CountryLipton Rock and Lipton Hip-Hop. I think this is a fantastic idea and we spend a lot of time on internet radio sites as opposed to downloading or buying music so this was also a huge hit with my family.

For more information, go to Facebook.com/LiptonIcedTea or twitter.com/Lipton.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Gen-Yknot on behalf of Lipton and received Lipton product samples and a subscription to Pandora One to facilitate my candid review. Gen-Yknot also sent me a promotional item to thank me for my time.

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