20 Second Fitness {Review Intro}

I am on a weight loss mission.  I actually want to lose about 100+ lbs and know that I need to change my diet and exercise habits to do so.  I am taking the first step to my weight loss journey right now by sharing with you this awesome exercise program I am about to start.  I have never successfully found a program that works for me because I do not have the time to commit to 30+ minutes of exercise per day, I have kids to tend to and feed, house to clean and of course a blog to write.

20 Second Fitness is not quite 20 seconds but close, it is a 8 minute a day workout broken down into two 4 minute parts.  The first part targets specific body parts the second 4 minutes is meant to get your heart working and is an intense cardio workout and is meant to create an afterburn effect to allow you to burn calories long after you have finished working out.  I have not started it yet but plan on starting tomorrow morning with the workout and then doing evening walks with Lee and the kids.  I am very excited about this because I can swing 8 minutes a day no problem.

When you purchase the set you get everything you need to be successful from a skipping rope, gym resistance bands, food guide to eating smarter and my personal favorite a wall progress calendar that you write your measurements down on at the start and end of the program as well as check off the workout you did each day.  It is a great way for people with me who’s brain functions at less then half most days can know what is going on and what you should be doing on that particular day.

20 Second Fitness retails for one payment of $99.99 or three payments of $39.99.  To find out more information about 20 Second Fitness and to place an order visit the website also be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Want to get free shipping on your order if you are in the US or a $15 discount for orders to Canada and overseas?  Be sure to enter the code “Jabbering Jessi‘ at checkout.



  1. Donna B. says:

    I’ll have to check this out. I also have a goal of losing 100 pounds this year (although I recently upped it to 120). At my last weigh-in I’m down 52 but I need to add some sort of exercise to kick my weight loss into high gear. I can do 8 minutes!

  2. Alene Nielsen says:

    Good luck on your weight loss journey. I’m alway looking for new ways to lose weight.

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