26 weeks along in my pregnancy

I am now 26 weeks along, I am very excited to be heading into my 3rd trimester.  Kinley is head down AND feet down lol, she is being a little pretzel in there and so I keep getting punched and kicked in the cervix so unfortunately unless you are VERY close to me you cannot feel the baby show.

Kinley is now 14 inches tall and about hte size of a hothouse cucumber.  She weighs about 1.75 pounds.  If she is anything like her sister she will only gain about another 4 lbs before birth but it is hard to say since all my kids were so different in sizes.  Chase weighed in at 7 lbs 13 ozs, Blake weighed in at 8 lbs 10 ozs, Maddisyn was 5 lbs 13 ozs and Holden was 6 lbs 7 ozs.  I am hoping Kinley is small like her sister was, she was just a tiny little peanut and still is.

Lee’s grandmother observed yesterday that I am showing more with Kinley then I did with Maddisyn or Holden, this goes right along with Lee calling me a beast all the time I guess lol.

I have 11 more weeks until I hit 37 weeks and “full term” and then only 12-13 more until I am induced unless my water breaks before that.

I had SPD (Symphysis pubis dysfunction) really badly with Holden, it was so bad actually I was put onto a sick leave at about 22 weeks from my job because walking that much was reeking havoc on my body.  This time around I am not getting the pains in my groin like I was with Holden but instead it is hitting me in my lower back and hips.  To be honest as much as the back pain really sucks I will take it over the groin pain any day.  The groin pain feels like someone kicked me multiple times as hard as they could and made it so that by the end of my pregnancy I would cry when even doing something as simple as moving in bed.

Nothing really exciting going on at this stage in my pregnancy except for lots of kicking, a doctors appointment coming up on April 11th which will be my last 4 week appointment and then I get to move to the every 2 week schedule.  I refused the glucose testing since I have not had gestational diabetes in any of my other four pregnancies.

The kids are all very excited for Kinley to arrive and as I put together the nursery more and more they are really enjoying getting involved in the whole process and helping mommy paint, clean, take pictures of review stuff, test out review stuff and so much more.

The planning of the Kinley baby event is in full swing and I cannot wait to start posting the reviews/giveaways and share all the very cool and innovative baby products with you, they did not have some of this stuff even when Holden was born three years ago.

Stay tuned you won’t want to miss out on all the very cool stuff that is to come.  If you want a preview please visit my Facebook page where there is an entire album showcasing the items that will be included in the baby event or visit the Baby event page here for links to each product.

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