5 Crafts to I love to do with my Toddlers

Maddisyn, Holden and I love to do crafts and fun stuff together.  When I was a kid I loved to do crafts too so it only seems natural that my little ones are little crafters themselves.  Here are our favorite 5 crafts to do with the kids.


You can cut and paste with just about anything and on just about anything.  Sometimes I will print off shapes like a cloud and give the kids cotton balls that they can dip into paste and glue it onto the shape.  For Easter you could print off a picture of a chick and get some feathers for your little ones to glue onto the shape.  If you don’t want to do the cut part because of the potential of cutting clothes or fingers you can always just do the paste.  Get some foam shapes, give your child a piece of construction paper and let them play.



Maddisyn loves to make bracelets, necklaces and anklets.  I love that it gives her hand eye co-ordination and she loves that it gives her pretty things in the end.  When buying the beads for her projects i make sure to buy chunky wooden beads because even though I know they won’t put them in their mouths I still panic like that.  I have been able to find some cute colors and shapes though so our way works great until the two little ones are older and ready for smaller beads.



This is one of our favorite things to do is paint.  With paint the sky is the limit, you can paint on paper, items, clothing just about anything honestly.  Not only can you paint on anything but you can paint with anything we love to use our fingers, paint brushes, string that is held by a clothespin and dragged through the paint and then on the paper.  At the program we attend the kids have even used a golf ball.  You lay your paper in the bottom of a shallow box, roll the golf ball in paint and drop it into the box and then just roll the ball around to see the patterns.  you can use stamps to paint, vehicles so you can see the different tire treads or even plastic animals to show their footprints.  The beauty of painting if that there is no right or wrong tools to use or items to paint on and fun can be had at any age.



We recently did this activity with the kids for another blog post I had to do on the Welch’s Paint it Purple campaign but we had so much fun I have been researching other ways to do it and other things to use to make it different colors like using food coloring or even kool-aid.  We used grape juice though for our project and the shirts turned out great.  The kids had so much fun doing this and I cannot wait to try other ways like wrapping marbles into the shirts when we do the elastic to give it more funky textures and patterns.


Homemade Play Dough

This one was easy because it was all stuff I had around the house already so I didn’t have to go buy anything.  I made up the play dough using a recipe I had not tried before and it turned out to be too sticky.  But I have been doing some research and found some great play dough recipes on Skuidoo that we are going to try this weekend, I actually think we will be trying the cream of tartar one towards the bottom of the page in hopes that we can get a nice looking play dough that is easy to work with.

Since we just started play dough I didn’t have any of the fun cutters or rollers for the kids to use but I was able to improvise with cookie cutters from my own kitchen and my small fondant roller and that seems to be working just fine for them until our play dough supplies  that we ordered from amazon come in.

So there you have it, 5 fun crafts you can do with your kids and that I love to do with mine.


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