5 Edible Holiday Gifts

Instead of holiday shopping, wouldn’t your readers rather be at home baking with their families? What better way to show someone you appreciate them than by presenting them with a homemade gift they can eat?

Edible holiday gifts are a way to tell teachers or close friends that they’re worth the extra effort. Plus, your kids will have fun helping you mix the batter and decorate these goodies.  By having kids help prepare edible presents, your readers may be able to save money while instilling do-it-yourself values.

Remember, when it comes to memorable presents, there’s nothing like the personal touch. These gifts manage to be both beautiful and delicious!  Sweeten someone’s holiday with a tasty treat.  Here are some ideas for you to share with your readers:

5 Edible Holiday Gifts:

1. Chocolate Holiday Bears —They’re adorable and delicious!

2. Holiday Chocolate-Dipped Delights—So tasty, you’ll want to save some for yourself.

3. Reindeer Cupcakes—Fun to decorate. Even more fun to eat!

4. Sparkling Tree Cakes—These mini cakes are a great way to spread holiday cheer.

5. PHILADELPHIA Sugar Cookie Cutouts—Cut cookies into stars, trees and moons or come up with your own original shapes.

I received this content from the Delicious Byte community and while all the tips are great none are of my own.


  1. Erin G says:

    I may try making the sparkling tree cakes…they look easy to make and delicious! I love receiving homemade chocolate covered pretzels as a gift (:

  2. Steph A says:

    I thought about baking some of my gifts this year I wish that I’d seen this post earlier with all your cute ideas. I especially like the reindeer cupcakes.

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