A Cold and Blistery Night AKA Halloween

So we took the three older kids trick or treating last night with Jen and her kids from Jen’s Herd, thankfully my mother in law came down to hand out our candy and agreed to keep Holden home as it was such a yucky night.  It was windy, rainy, cold and just gross.  Just hours before we would have gone trick or treating power was going out at people houses and trees were falling down.

We braved the rain and wind anyhow with Maddisyn in her ladybug costume we received from Victorias Boutique, Blake as a zombie and Chase as a wizard.  Maddisyn had a great time and loved going house to house saying trick or treat and I think my child is the politest kid on earth haha at every house she had to ensure she said Thank you and for added cuteness told everyone she would see them tomorrow.

Each kid got a full pillowcase of candy so I thnk they got more then enough.  Although I was slightly disappointed with the area we live in and ended up loading the kids into the van and going to my dads neighbourhood to trick or treat, which was fine anyhow since all my dads neighbours love to see my kids.  While in our neighbourhood we walked for like 45 minutes and successfully got candy from 6 houses, either people were not home or were not handing out candy.  I think that H1N1 had a bit to do with that.  My dads neighbourhood though everyone was handing out candy and loving seeing all the kids dressed up.

Apparently my neighbourhood did not get many kids at all because we bought two boxes of chips with 65 bags in each and only got like 20 kids so I have TONS of plain chips to dip into my sour cream.

All in all the kids had fun trick or treating and we have fun going out with them.  For those that may be wondering we did get to show off Holdens costume, we dressed all the kids up before supper and took them around to visit with family members that love to see the kids all dressed up but can’t come to us to see them.

Today now though I am exhausted and so are the kids, last night when we were heading home I told the boys, when we get home it is straight to bed, they were so excited about going to bed they were practically begging to go home lol. 

I am a dork though and forgot to take pictures of the kids in their costumes so i have nothing to document this halloween and am kind of sad about that because it was Holdens first, although I could dress him up again and take a picture to make me feel better.


  1. Rose ~ RedNeckWitch ~ says:

    Awww I'm sorry you forgot your camera. I did that with my son, neighbor took pictures, but never sent me a copy. So it's all a precious memory now! ~RNW

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