Adobe pdf editor

I know I keep writing about Adobe stuff but I think that it is all valuable information to some of my readers each time. I understand your not all a small business etc. but these things can be used in your day to day life as well. Imagine using a pdf editor and being able to write your kids a journal of their life from conception to birth or more on and being able to edit it and add pictures or create multiple files and then merge them all into one big story.

If you don’t have kids perhaps you can use it to keep memoir of your life for your spouse, future kids, friends, family etc to read. You can add in things such as video, audio, your favorite web links and then once you are all done and ready to save it, send it or store it with simple pdf to word command you can send it to Microsoft Word which is a pretty universal program and voila, your life in your very own pdf file how very awesome would that be.

I did not actually know about any of these things but I think that I may just try this out with the kids and create each one of them their own document that I can give to them when they are grown chronicling their lives, then perhaps when my grandkids do something silly I can direct my children to read about their own mistakes and silliness and perhaps there they can find understanding and forgiveness. See it is a win, win for all. I am off to start working on Chase’s since he is oldest I will have to dig deepest for those memories.

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