Amazing Blog Makeover Thanks to dotcomkari

A million and more thank yous to dotcomkari.  I posted yesterday that I needed a new blog makeover and asked for advice on who to go to that was reasonably priced to get one.  Kari stepped in and told me she would love to do my makeover for me and to let her know what I was looking for and she would do it.  Since I am not creative I had no idea what I was looking for, so I told her I loved pink, brown and green and left the rest of it up to her.  She couldn’t sleep last night and it took her no time at all and she had my new makeover done and posted for me.  What would have taken hours for me to do took her minutes I am so totally impressed, I love the colors, the designs and I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE that I have a signature now for all my posts woohoo

if you are interstead in having a design for yourself email Kari at for prices
or enter the blog makeover contests she hosts at her blog!!!

I encourage all my readers to please grab my new button as that will be the button I will be looking for on your blogs when you enter my giveaways from now forward, the ones already posted it is ok if you have my old button still.

Jabbering Jessi
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  1. G-Zell says:

    This looks wonderful!

  2. A Family Completed... says:

    It's adorable!

  3. Sarah Halstead says:

    It looks great. she did a good job.

  4. Winter Witch says:

    Jessi this looks beautiful!

  5. Rose ~ RedNeckWitch ~ says:

    I LOVE it. It's a very nice combination of cute, and crisp clean. ~RNW

  6. News Around The Blogs says:

    looks awesome! i want a blog makeover now too!

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