Amber Teething Necklace

We received this Amber Teething Necklace from Supermama to review back at the very end of November, and then Holden stopped teething so I put my review on hold because I wanted to be able to give an accurate and true opinion of it by trying it on my teething and cranky son.  So we waited and then finally he started freaking out over teeth again, so we tried out this Amber teething necklace and I saw improvment in his mood.  He did not seem to be in as much pain or as fussy, maybe I just wanted to belive in the power of the necklace or perhaps it really does work I guess everyone will form their own opinion but I think that it works.
The amber teething necklace has been sold in european pharmacies for many generates and a large number of moms use it to relieve teething pain, toothaches and the like for their babies, toddlers, infants and childrens for many years.  It is made with pure baltic amber which has been certified.  The company that manufacturers is located in the US.  At $24.99 if this works for your child think of all the money that you could save as opposed to buying tylenol, teething tabs and teething pain relief items like this constantly.  I was a bit concerned at first about Holden perhaps breaking the necklace and chokingon a bead but they are small enough that if accidently ingested they can be passed easily with no internal harm to your baby.  Here are a list of advantages of the Amber Teething pain necklace from Supermama as taken from their site.

  • Naturally prevents and soothes teething pain
  • Analgesic & anti-inflammatory effects
  • 100% Natural Baltic Amber
  • Releases natural oils with proven calming, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects when worn against the skin
  • Singularly knotted beads and safe screw clasp for baby safety
  • Not intended for chewing or biting
  • Sold in European pharmacies for generations

The necklace is sold in two colors honey and mixed amber, we received the Honey one and I really like the color and wish it was bigger for me to wear when I get a toothache.

The Supermama teething necklace can be purchased on their website for $24.99 and is well worth every penny you will spend on it.  This is a miracle on a string in my opinion and something that needs to be shared with the world and shouted from the rooftops (or my blogger page whichever).
Thank you to Supermama for this amazing necklace we received to review.
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  1. Andrejs says:

    They've been super. It might be too early to tell, but both of the kids have been way less irritable today. I haven't given them any tylenol for teething pain, but they seem happy and pain free with the necklaces. Plus, the necklaces are adorable. I took the kids strolling in the mall today and got many compliments.

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