American Standard Outreach Faucet Review

While we are doing a lot of renovations around the house this year, the basement bathroom wasn’t one of the things on the big priority list although in the many trips to hardware stores etc we had looked at a new faucet because the one there was pretty old and really showing their age. The bathroom downstairs is mainly used by Chase, Blake and Lee. The entire basement is wood, rustic, decorated with cars/racing items and is a definite guys place.

When i got the chance to work with American Standard on their new Outreach faucet i was so excited. The faucet was all chrome (which Lee likes) and goes rather well with the rustic cabin style decor in the bathroom, it’s also available in Satin nickel. The Outreach is not an unfamiliar style for a faucet but until now normally only seen in kitchens, the head of the faucet pulls out and turns it into a sprayer. At first Lee and i thought “what a different idea, but whats the use in a bathroom” soon after installing it we realized it was far easier to fill pails, water bottles, rinsing out kids hair and also much easier to clean the mess out of the sink when Lee is done shaving.

Lee installed the Outreach the Day it showed up and usually curses more than a couple of times while doing any type of plumbing but I didn’t hear a single word and it was done in a snap. The exclusive speed connect drain claims to install in 1/3 the time and it sure did. The faucet comes with all the parts need for the drain and mechanical plug. We usually try to avoid drains with mechanical plugs as we find after a little while the mechanism starts jamming and doesn’t work well if at all, but with the speed connect everything is done through a cable and plastic gears instead of clamps and rods, I can’t see any way this can fail like the other styles.

Currently The American Standard Outreach is only available through Home Depot in the U.S. and runs at about $98 for Chrome and $118 for the Nickel. Considering the elegant look that will fit into any bathroom and the great craftsmanship and limited lifetime warranty from American Standard I think it’s a great price when compared to some other faucets and trust me as I said we have looked at a lot.

Thank you to American Standard for this great product to review.
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  1. Lauralee Hensley says:

    Wow, that is neat. I’d love this for bathing the dogs.

  2. Tamara B. says:

    I havebeen droolingover this faucet everytime I see i at Home Depot! You have the same little doggy I do mine is a boy named Buddy, we rescued him from being abused by this jerk. Love him to death 🙂

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