Amy Michelle Go Totes Review

I have been carrying a diaper bag for nearly three years now, I am so tired of the cutesy blue ones with the bears on it or the cartoon character ones, you know the ones with Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Baby Looney Toons or the like.  I had since moved on to a cute blue and brown tote bag which was cute and functional but still not really what I wanted for a diaper bag, I was more looking for something that I could use as a purse when the babies outgrew the need for a diaper bag.  Amy Michelle recognizes that need in moms and takes it a step further with the most gorgeous bags I have seen in a long time.

I received the Sweet Pea bag for review and let me tell you, I think everyone looking for a great in between bag to be used as both purse and diaper bag needs to stop looking and hurry and order the Sweet Pea bag from Amy Michelle.  This bag is available in 5 different color combinations.  I choose the green faux patent with champagne lining and am so happy I did.

I want to tell you about the entire bag so lets start with the outside.

On the front there is two great pockets that look like they buckle shut but have convinent magnetic snaps that are super easy to open and shut with one hand, I store my iPhone in one pocket and a temple touch thermometer in the other with lots of room to spare in both.  Right above those pockets there is a zippered pocket and I store the kids medicine in this as well as any coupons and stuff I need to be able to access immediately.  On each end of the bag there is a bottle pocket which when not a diaper bag could be used to hold water bottles.  On the back there is a pocket that runs nearly the entire length of the bag and it holds a diaper changing mat, this also closes with a magnet.  The strap length can be adjusted with the buckle that is built into the strap if you need it longer or shorter.

Now lets journey into the bag.

First I want to say that it is a nice light color inside the bag so you can find everything you need without struggling inside a dark bag.  There is an easy to find key ring right inside the bag that you can snap your keys into, credit card slots which I use to store the kids health cards and my bank card.  There is also two internal bottle compartments if you prefer to keep them inside (I do I find it keeps the bottle warmer).  There is a small zippered pocket right beside the credit card slots that you could put in your money/change.  On the other side there is two large pockets that you could use to stick a container of wipes and a couple of diapers to keep them neat, organized and not a ball in the bottom of the diaper bag.  There is also above these another zipper for storage.  There is also a small strap with a snap on it that would work great as a pacifier holder (I use mine to hold my small travel container of sunscreen for the babies).

Ok so not that I have taken you into and out of the bag as well as showed you the picture of my amazing bag don’t you just want one for yourself.  As if that is not enough to convince you the bag is also equipped with stroller straps that allows you to hang the bag on the handlebar of your stroller so you don’t have to carry it on your shoulder.

I absolutely love this bag and have been known to even take the diapers out of it and use it straight up as my purse now and I will continue to do so long after the babies are potty trainer.

You can purchase this bag from Amy Michelle for $135.00 with free shipping within the US.  There is one more thing I want to mention real quick, now keep in mind that the option is not available with all bags but with Amy Michelle you can get some bags monogrammed with your initials, babes initials or anything else you want.

Thank you to Amy Michelle for this great bag to review.
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