Are you kidding me right now

Lee works for a cell phone company for a living.  He has a great bunch of co-workers and I really enjoy them, I love his direct manager she rocks.  His actual boss I have not met so I have no opinon on him.  He has been working for this cell phone company for 19 months now and I guess really likes his job.  Back last May the company was sold out to a different one and so all of his stuff changed.  His pay changed, his benefits changed, his company name changed, his boss changed.  Too much change at once and I did not bother trying to keep up.

I just recently started to look through all his benefits papers and ugh is all I can say ugh.  He has NO vision coverage at all which really sucks since we all wear glasses here except the two babies and I bet they will need them sooner or later too.  His dental plan is an affordable dental plan but they only pay 80% of certain things and it seems like the list is very very short.  The medical plan is not really important to us here since it is paid already.  The prescription plan is great except they again only pay 80% and we have to pay first and then be reimbursed which is a total PITA.  But I guess that is ok we only pay about 100 a month for the plan although we never use it so I am not overly sure why we keep paying for it.

All in all though he is happy where he is, I am happy we have benefits and he is happy at his job, we host bbqs and bonfires with his co-workers and have fun playing guitar hero and rockband and riding the plasma car and all sorts of fun stuff.

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