Are you prepared for an emergency?

I realized the other day we are not fully prepared for an emergency.  Sure we have lots of blankets, flashlights, batteries, candles, even extra propane for the bbq which we could cook every meal on if necessary.  What we do not have nearly enough of for said emergency is enough emergency food.  I have a few canned goods but not enough to say that it could feed my family for more then 2 days 3 tops and that scares me to be quite honest with you.  We have never in my life had an emergency where that much food is necessary the only thing I can think of is the big blackout quite a few years back where it seemed like no one had power but ours was restored within 24 hours.

Just because it has not happened though does not mean it will not happen.  I watched friends of mine just a month or so ago lose power for days due to snow damage, and heard of others that lost power due to rain/wind damage so I know that it can and does happen and do not for one second think it will not happen to me, I guess the most logical next step for us is to put together some emergency food storage space and stockpile to ensure that if something happens I can not only feed my family but perhaps others if they did not stock up, I would hate to see someone not have enough food.

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