Babies R Us Infant Care Line

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We had always bought store brand infant formula for the kids, it has the same nutritional properties as name brand formulas at a fraction of the cost.  I am not a cheap person but I do believe in saving money and if I can save myself hundreds of dollars by using formula that is less expensive but nutritionally the same then I am going to do it.

Babies R Us recognizes this and I am very excited to tell you that they have now come out with their own brand of infant formula.  Not only do they have infant formula but Babies R Us is coming out with a complete infant care line of products from powdered formula to diapers, wipes, laundry soap and purified water at up to 50% off the name brand prices.  Bring on the savings I say if you can get the same quality as you do now why not save some money, we have piggy banks setup for the kids and we put the difference between what we pay now and what we would pay into the banks.  The line was introduced last year in babies r us and toys r us stores.  We all shop there anyhow so now we can shop there and save some more money.

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  1. steve says:

    your from canada…why advertize american??

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