Back 2 blogging #17 – Sonic Alert Review/Giveaway ENDED

Sonic Alert is Americas leader in visual alert systems.
Sonic Alert came about 30 years ago when the creator invented a light flashing system for his grandmother.  She had very little hearing when he was a child and by the time he was a teenager she could hear nothing at all.  The first thing he came up with was a system that flashed lights around her home in response to the doorbell, telephone, intercom adn fire alarm system.  He says it was amazing how such a simple device eased so much of her daily frustrations.

Today they have a ton of great products to help ease the frustrations of those with hearing problems.  You can get systems that flash your lights when your baby cries, your phone rings, your doorbell is rung.  You can get the sonic boom alarm clock, which I have and will be writing more about in a minute, that sounds a very high pitched alarm and also has a shaker that goes under your mattress to shake the bed.  This is not only good for the hearing impaired but also for those with teenagers, or in my case husbands, that are hard to get up in the morning.

We received the Sonic Bomb SBB500ss AKA “The Bomb: to review.  It has been designed for guys of all ages on a mission.  It comes in a grey color with red controls, night vision display and pulsating alert lights that won’t keep you in the dark.  Also in it is the 12-volt bed shaker.  It has pulsating flashing alert lights, hi/low dimmer switch, extra loud alarm, loud 113dB adjustable tone and volume control. For People like me who dont really understand dB (Decibel) Lee looked it up for me and a lawn mower, motorcycle and Jack Hammer are comparable at 110dB from about 3 feet away.  The bomb also has battery backup, maintains time and alarm setting in the event of power failure and comes with a 1 yr blast proof warranty.

The first night we got it we set it all up and went to bed, the next morning my husband says the alarm clock woke him up but not the shaker part and I was the opposite, the shaker woke me but not the alarm.  The next morning though after Lee moved the shaker to a different position under the mattress the shaker and alarm woke us both up.  The only complaint I have with this product is the cord on the shaker is not long enough, I do not have a plugin next to my bed and so we have the shaker running across the span from my window to my bed and it has the cord stretched almost tight to reach so a longer cord would benefit people like me (sonic alert now has a 15ft extension cord for all white sonic alert shakers available for $8.95).  Other then that I think this alarm clock would wake the dead, it is a great product, before this we would sleep in almost every day because we would sleep through the alarm clock, since we have received The Bomb though we have been up on time every single day.

Not to be left out Sonic Alert also makes an adorable pink heart clock called The Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm which has been designed specifically for young ladies; with its heart shaped hot pink color & multi colored display.  It has all the same features as the Bomb.

Win it:  Sonic Alert wants to give one of my readers the Sonic Sweetheart alarm clock valued at $42.95.
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