Back 2 Blogging # 27 – Feeder Frock Review & Giveaway ENDED

I breast feed Holden, problem is 3/4 of the time I don’t when we are out in public.  I am not one of those moms who is comfortable just pulling out boob and feeding, I know it is natural it just doesn’t feel ok with me and that is fine, I don’t judge.  Now i know i could get a cover from one of the companies that sells them but I have tried those and don’t find they work like i would like, I hate my flubber hanging out and with those covers even if the front is covered the back is not.  I know when I am sitting down then it would work, but i have a 2 year old and when we are at the park or the beach or the mall or most places sitting down to nurse is not an option I am constantly on the go.

In my searches for a cover that will meet my needs I came across the Feeder Frock by LaDy LaDuke.  She was just getting ready to roll out her fall line but took the time to work with me on this review and giveaway.  She told me i could choose something from her store to review, i explained to her that I was a plus size mom and was not sure what would work, so she told me what fabrics she had available, had me choose a frock I liked style wise and she made me a frock in the style I chose. OMG i am in total love, it is absolutely gorgeous and works perfectly to meet my specs.

It covers me perfectly, has boning in the neck that i can adjust to see Holden feed or flatten when I am around gawkers.  Best of all it goes up and over your head and has a front AND  a back to it, the back has two pieces of ribbon you bring around under the front section and tie, then lift your shirt above or below it as needed and it perfectly covers both your front, back and side so no skin shows at all.  Best of all Holden did not mind being covered with it, he did not get hot and uncomfortable, did not fight it, and i was able to push a shopping cart through, yup you guessed it, Walmart (someday I will post why I shop so much at Walmart).

Here are the pics of my Feeder Frock that was custom made for me (this is a model not me).
Close up of front
Full front view

Back view

*The Feeder Frock Was Specifically Designed to Help Moms Who Breastfeed in Public, Cover Their Backsides, and Nurse Their Babies Sitting, Standing or Moving! Sometimes, Moms Have to Chase Their Kids, or Push a Stroller, and Grab Things–Moms Have to Move!

*The Feeder Frock is an Original Design, Unlike the Hooter Hider or Nursing Shawl. It Features Two Separate Panels of Fabric. The Two Separate Panels Give Moms and Their Babies Easy Air Flow Under the Front Cover. A Nursing Shawl, Traps a Mom and Baby Under the Fabric. The Two Panels also Allow Moms to Move Their Arms In and Out Easily. You Can Now Ease the Heat and Sweating!

Buy it:  You can visit LaDy LaDukes store on Etsy and buy a Feeder Frock for yourself or for an amazing gift for any new mom.  They start at 39.99 and go all the way up to 65.00 (the cost of my custom made one) and you can also buy a gift certificate if you are unsure what style your gift receiver would prefer.  Also right now they are running a sale, Buy One Get One 1/2 off, this is an amazing deal hurry over you don’t want to miss out.

Win It:  LaDy LaDuke wants to give one of my readers a Feeder Frock of their own, it will be custom made for plus size moms I will discuss sizing via email with winner.
To Enter all you have to do is go to LaDy LaDuke/Feeder Frock and tell me which you would choose.  This must be done for any of your bonus entries to count, comments such as pick me or i want to win will be removed.
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