Back 2 Blogging # 34 – Dropper Stopper Review/giveaway ENDED

Maddisyn is a drama queen, if she does not get what she wants the second she wants it she throws a fit and instantly throws anything close to her with the exception of her chitchy (soother).  We have lost many a cup either by her throwing it on the ground and us not know or her throwing it on the ground and it breaking.  As any parent knows cups can be expensive and who wants to replace a cup all the time.  I went searching the internet after a shopping trip with Maddisyn resulted in losing one of our most expensive cups and found the Dropper Stopper.

The Dropper Stopper was thought up by a mother of two named Nicole Williams who like me was tired of picking up cups, toys, and bottles.  Not only do you have to contend with the thrown item but also the germs involved and with all these health scares sometimes being a mom is hard.  After she developed the concept for Dropper Stopper Nicole went to her sister in law Meredith LaMirande, who is also an air force wife, and who also has a background in marketing and public relations.  They partnered up and together became Sister Chic Ltd. and brought us Dropper Stopper.

I requested that we get something more neutral because I am not sure how long Maddisyn will use it but I do know i have at least 2 more years of needing it with Holden, we received the blue/black polka dots one and it is so cute.  It has a single snap setting with generous elastic to go around a cup/bottle/toy for your child.  The part that attached to the stroller has multiple settings because not all strollers are the same diameter around where there is room to attach the dropper stopper.  I will be honest when we got to the mall I had forgotten i put the Dropper Stopper in the diaper bag, then Maddy had a drama queen fit and threw her cup, and I remembered.  I immediately hooked up her cup and that made her more angry because then she could not throw it to the floor but she quickly got used to it and even loved being able to let her cup hang down the side of the stroller so that it doesnt have to remain on her lap or take up room beside her in the seat.

The Dropper Stopper is a brand new product and is not even available in stores yet and they don’t expect to have product in hand until November so we are the few lucky ones who get to test this innovative new product.  The Dropper Stopper is very versatile and can be used to secure rattles, teething rings, tiny toys, cups, and bottles.  Best of all is that the Dropper Stopper has been safety tested by a certified testings lab.
Win It: Dropper Stopper has been gracious enough to give one lucky winner a Dropper Stopper of their choice.

To Enter all you have to do is go to Dropper Stopper and tell me which one you would choose. This must be done for any of your bonus entries to count, comments such as pick me or i want to win will be removed.

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