Back 2 Blogging #43 – Kid Basix Review/Giveaway ENDED

The reason I told you all to hang on is we are doing a triple review tonight.  I am going to be reviewing the Safe Sippy 2, the Safe Starter, and the Safe Sporter all from Kid Basix.
Lets do this in the order they are needed by kids so we are going to start out with the Safe Starter.  We got this one and I was so excited to open it up and give it to Holden.  The Safe Starter comes in two sizes the 5 oz and the 9 oz, and is available in three different colors.  We got the green 9 oz one, which came with a size 2 nipple on it, the 5 oz has a size 1 nipple.  Holden loved the bottle but the nipple was a little too fast for him so we tucked it away and tried again a couple of weeks later and he did great with it.  The bottle is stainless steel, comes with a nipple, silicone disk for travel, silicone sleeve and storage cap.  Now I know you are thinking how in the world do you measure with a stainless steel bottle, you could eyeball it as there are markers on the outside of it, or if you need to be precise then you can use the travel cap which has convinent markers on it for you to measure it out.  The stainless steel helps to keep your liquid inside hot or cold depending on what you need it to be.  The 5 oz Safe Starters srv is 9.95 and the 9 oz is 11.95 on
Next up we have the Safe Sippy 2.  I love this cup and I love the option we have with it.  Maddisyn doesn’t really like straw cups for whatever reason she always tips them up and never gets drinks out of them then gets super angry.  With the Safe Sippy 2 we have the option of putting in the straw plug, the normal sippy plug or for travel there is even a travel plug.  The Safe Sippy 2 has a stainless steel body, handles for your child to hold it easily without getting cold/hot hands from the stainless steel, a spout, a dust cap to keep the dirt out of the spout when you are travelling and a silicone sleeve.  The Safe Sippy 2 comes in 3 different colors, is 11 ozs in size the srv is 12.95 on
Last but surely not least is the Safe Sporter sports bottle.  Chase and Blake each got these to review and give me their opinions on.  They immediatly filled them with water and headed off on “a bike ride to make us really thirsty”.  When they got back about 2 hours later, I am sure they went to Jenn’s house to play with Vi instead lol, I asked how the cups were and they informed me they are AWESOME.  They loved that the stainless steel kept their water cold and that even 2 hours later their water was still cold.  The Safe Sporter has a stainless steel vessel, TPR sleeve, “plastic” coaster on the bottom, wide mouth for filling it, pull spout for easy drinking while on the go, and best of all a mud cap which could not have been named better when it comes to boys, especially mine.  The Safe Sporter comes in 3 different colors and in 12 oz and 16 oz sizes.  The srv of the 12 oz is $14.00 and the 16 oz size srv is 15.95 on

Now that I have told you about the cups let me tell you about the company.  Kid Basix created the Safe Sippy (not reviewed here) to respond to parents concerns about BPA and other harmful chemicals in plastic.  They have now expanded the “Safe” brand to include the three I have reviewed here, The Starter, Sippy 2 and Sporter.  There are approximately 300 billion plastic water bottles discarded around the world every year.  Enough to power 12 million cars for a year.  That is just the drinking bottles does not include all the other plastic bottles used for pop, sports drinks, fruit juices and such.  The number of plastic bottles we throw away each year would reach the moon and back 1500 times that is scary.
Buy it:  Head on over to Kid Basix and choose from one of the online stores that carries their products and get one of your own.
Win It: Kid Basix has offered two prizes up tonight.  You can win either the Safe Starter 9 oz or the Safe Sporter in the color of your choice.

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