Back 2 Blogging Bash

Well folks thats it, all 53 items I was to giveaway have now been posted.  My back 2 blogging bash is nearly over, remember all draws end October 9th at 11:59 pm est so please continue to spread the word and bring your friends to enter.  I am actually kinda sad this crazy month is coming to an end and love seeing all your comments on my giveaways and hope you all become regular readers of my blog and share with me in my trials and tribulations of raising my four monkeys, I mean kids.

Please keep your eye open in the next day or two I have a couple of items to write reviews only on but they are things i wanted you all to know about.

Now that my back 2 blogging bash is complete I will be posting more about my daily life and also will be posting more reviews and giveaways, I have some great ones already lined up that I am excited about for you all.

On a slightly side note, I had a lovely reader Rose from Networking Witches email me and suggest to me that we do the comment box in a pop-up rather then at the bottom of the page because it was easier to keep the box next to the entries and I tend to agree.  In emailing me though she was afraid I would be offended at her suggestions.  I want to encourage you all to send me suggestions and not worry about offending me, I may take your advice I may not but at least you gave it to me and it certainly could help me become a better blogger, I will never be perfect but with your feedback I can surely be better.

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