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While I am not a tattooed person myself I do love the tattoo look on clothes, purses, baby carriers etc you can get.  I would have tattoos except I am terrified of needles so I cannot put myself through that torture although not for lack of trying.  I believe myself to be a funky mom, I do not dress my kids in typical fashion, i like things that are out of the ordinary.
Ruthless & Toothless provides parents like me with adorable clothes that do just what I like, make me look funky without looking silly. Created by Darren Brass, Chris Garver, Yoji Harada (all of Miami Ink) and James Hamilton the clothes for kids are adorable.
We received the Butterfly hoodie valued at $40.00 from them to review and it is so adorable.  Maddisyn loves it and it is perfect because it is not super heavy so she can wear it in the fall or under her heavy snowsuit in the winter.
There is bright, vibrant colors and artwork on their clothing line and somethign for everyoen in my opinion on their site.  They have hoodies, onsies, t-shirts, tanktops and dresses.  On top of the kids clothing you can also purchase phone covers, laptop covers, skateboards and wallpapers all designed by these amazing men.
This is my favorite laptop cover which like the hoodie we received was designed by Darren Brass.
Head on over to Ruthless & Toothless and pick up your favorite piece of clothing or product, I bet you will for sure find something there that you cannot live without.


  1. Angela says:

    Hi, You have an award waiting on my blog. 😉

  2. Steffen says:

    Will customers come to you, or would you like to head to them.
    Perhaps just like the life of a painter or writer.

    If you recruit a bad review, don’t attack the reviewer.

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