Ball Park – Men. Easier Fed then Understood ~ Post 2

We are really enjoying working on this campaign.  I shared already in my first post the new Ball Park man time commercial which I think is absolutely true whether my husband will admit to it or not.

I have never ever pretended to understand men.  When two of them get together it is like their brains collide and instead of getting smarter something the complete opposite seems to happen.  The more you get together the worse the ideas get and before you think it is just Lee I can assure you it very much is not.   I can recall just this past summer my male cousins attempting to put my uncles car onto a raft and float it out into a lake.  That would have been a nightmare but is just another show of guy time.

Even when my boys get together they decide to do things that just don’t seem right to a normal person, it could be classed as kids being kids but I just don’t know sometimes haha.  When they play their video games together they have this thing where if they die or complete a level they must change.  But then they bring in their little quirks like oh if you talk while I’m playing and then I die it is your fault and I get another turn.  It drives me batty because they are weird little quirks that can start fights quite quickly if there in a bad mood.  Thankfully for them and me to quiet them down all I have to do is cook up some Ball Park Franks and it resolves all the issues and makes things quiet and right in their world haha.

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This is a sponsored post.  Ball Park product and additional incentives were provided to me.  All opinions stated are my own.


  1. Rebby says:

    I absolutely love Ball Park Franks!! YUM!

  2. shelley says:

    guys are strange

  3. Blanca Othon says:

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