Ball Park – Men. Easier Fed then Understood ~ Post 3

I still don’t get men, I have been doing this campaign now for the last 6 weeks and nothing has changed, well actually maybe I am a bit more confused by the male brain then I was when we started lol.

What I do understand though is that when men get together they want good food and good drinks.  Serving them tuna on crackers is not their thing they want meat, man food, chips, salsa all the stuff that would keep them eating forever and full for even longer once they were done eating!

When I know we are having guy company over there is nothing that keeps them happier then Hot dogs, but I don’t always like to serve just hot dogs, changing it up is a good thing in any household.  The guys are always receptive to my switch ups which I think is a good thing knowing they trust me.  Last time we had guys over I did chili cheese dogs with Ball Park Franks and poutines for them, both were a huge hit and I was really afraid I would run out of food before they ran out of eating room lol.  Now I know my kids don’t do chili cheese dogs so for them I took a croissant and placed a cheese slice on it then wrapped that around a hot dog and that is what my kids ate.  Everyone was happy including me, cleanup was easy and everyone was fed.

It is rather hard to keep stuff on hand for guy time but I do make sure to always have Ball Park Franks, chips, pop and other adult beverages on hand.  Then I can run to the grocery store and pick up anything fresh I might want to put out like fruit, buns of course, cheese etc.

I think our house is a rather good place to be in the summer I feed you well, we have a pool and almost always have a fire going in the backyard and have never had a complaint about anything so come on over and spend a day of fun in the sun with me this summer!

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