Even if one has never taken yoga or meditative class, the site will inspire most people to want to experience yoga class once or twice. With a prepaid cell phone in hand, one can always order yoga gear and supplies. This yoga site almost always offers some sort of discount or shipping specials, and their items ship so quickly (it’s almost unbelievable).

For instance, when you order a Mysore yoga rug, it is shipped in a circular poster-like container, which restricts the rug from moving during shipping and getting tangled, etc. Each Mysore yoga rug comes with an eco-friendly fabric letter, from the manufacturer detailing washing and care instructions. The instructions provide details about hand-washing and dry-cleaning. The instructions also give recommendations to maintain the rug’s integrity and brilliancy. Most every rug contained on the website is 100% cotton and made in India. India happens to be where the yoga rugs mainly originate from.

There is even a special icon within the Mysore Rug screen, which allows consumers to customize their Mysore rug quickly and easily. Each purchaser can preview what their customized rug will look like (when it arrives through the mail.)

Some of the customizations include the opportunity to add lotus flowers and other yoga symbols central to some of the postures and mantras. The rugs are even great to use with, or overlapped onto a regular yoga mat. These rugs can be draped over the body during resting poses like corpse pose, without having to get scratched from the material.

Yoga practitioners in India typically use a rug (and no mat whatsoever). Believe it or not, it is the Western world that has made purchasing yoga mats the number one yoga commodity. The Mysore rug is really all one needs to practice yoga (well, and some comfortable, breathable clothing). All of the Mysore mats, you find on the site, are completely eco-friendly, biodegradable, and free of hazardous PVC material. At around $30 dollars without customizations, they make great holiday gifts for active coworkers, friends, and family alike.

Besides, the Mysore rugs, you can find some great yoga mat options, bags, straps, blocks, and bolsters. There are also an array of accessories to purchase from yoga CD’s to lavender spray reducing yoga mat odor and bacteria to yoga cotton apparel. This is a great place to get familiar with everything that is yoga. It even educates you about the discipline of yoga and the benefits you can derive from its continuous practice.


  1. Janet W. says:

    I do aerobics but we use yoga mats for our routines. It’s so important to have a good quality mat and it makes all the difference in the world!

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