Bausch + Lomb Test Drive

Bausch + Lomb recently surveyed over 800 moms to see if they were ready for the big talks with your kids such as drugs, alcohol and smoking. Of that survey 93 percent of moms have already had the “big” conversations with their child about drugs, alcohol and smoking and that 63 percent felt well-prepared to discuss these topics. On the other hand, the survey showed that it’s the day-to-day conversations about issues related to nutrition, use of contact lenses and makeup that were hardest to navigate. Overall, moms felt least prepared to talk to their children about makeup (33%) or to talk with a child who wants to forego glasses for contact lenses (21%).

With Chase we have already talked about the evils of drugs and alcohol as the alcohol one is very close to us and we lost my father in law in a drunk driving accident a few years before I even met my husband and we wanted to ensure Chase was aware of what happened and how to prevent it.

Lee and I both have terrible eyesight and knew the kids stood no chance in the 20/20 vision field and would eventually have glasses, both the older boys do now and I am sure the younger two will soon. This year Chase started 7th grade and had been bugging for quite sometime for contact lenses, so we sat down and discussed with him the responsibility of having them and finally decided he was old enough and mature enough to have them and we are now participating in the Bausch + Lomb test drive program through Mom Central.

After a visit to the optometrist for updated prescriptions and to be fitted for contacts we are now waiting for the Soflens daily disposables to arrive so that Chase can test drive them for us.

Look for our updated post coming soon with our experience and thoughts about Chase wearing contact lenses for the first time.

I wrote this review while participating in a Test Drive by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Bausch + Lomb and received Soflens daily disposables to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


  1. Janet W. says:

    I’m a retired elementary teacher and it was always reassuring to me to know that parents are talking to their children about drugs and the evils of society. My students already knew most of that content when I started to teach it in my class for Health. It is SO important to talk to you children so they are prepared for many different situations they will face.

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