Be A Rockin’ Mama with a Rockin’ Mama Diaper Bag from Beijo Bags Review & Giveaway

Once I found out I was having a baby girl I started to look for diaper bags because I knew that I would retire my small purse and this bag would become my daily carry all so I had to find one that was suitable to stand up to everyday needs.  I picked three bags out and ordered all three and hated two of the three :(.  The one that I did keep I didn’t love but it would due until I found something I did love, well sorry only liked bag but your going into the closet because I finally found a new love…my Rockin’ Mama bag from Beijo Bags.

Aren’t those the most beautiful bags you have ever seen, I love that they don’t look like a diaper bag and most definitely look like a purse but trust me this is a diaper bag and I am about to show you some of the greatest features in a bag ever!  It’s size is perfect to carry all those must have’s for newborns and toddlers measuring 14″ x 5″ x 12″ with a strap length of 9″ and an opening of 9″.  When buying  a bag like this I certainly expect to spend a lot of money and at only $135.00 I think this is a steal of a deal.

First let me say I was super impressed with how the Rockin’ Mama diaper bag was packaged, there was no worries of it becoming scratched or damaged during shipping because of the bag it came packaged in, then inside that bag the straps were wrapped in plastic, it was full of paper to hold it’s shape and it was just all around packaged with care you could tell.

I could hardly wait to rip open the packaging and get to my new beautiful bag in the color Petal Pink.

 I absolutely love the inside of this bag, there is two pockets to hold bottles, two pockets to hold misc. items which I will put in our spare pacifier and diaper rash cream.  Then there is a zippered pouch where you could carry a change of clothes etc. and two compartments on either side to hold whatever else you may need to carry in your bag.  I am already loving that I can put everything in it’s own spot so that when I am getting someone else to look for something in the bag I can tell them exactly where it is.

One of the things that made me dislike my other bags so much was the changing pads.  The one didn’t come with one, the other did but I was forever leaving it on the counter, at friends houses and just never in the diaper bag.  The Rockin’ Mama bag took care of that problem for me with the attached changing pad.  It also has two large pockets at the top, one will be holding my wipes case and the other a few diapers, so no more digging in the bag for diapers for Kinley they will be right there woot woot!

All of these great features and the beautiful bling on the outside makes the Rockin’ Mama diaper bag from Beijo bags my total go to bag.

I love it so much that I am already planning on ordering myself the matching wallet for $35.00.  If you want to purchase a Rockin’ Mama diaper bag or any other Beijo Bag you can find a consultant near you.

I cannot wait to take this Beijo Bag out for it’s first test drive this weekend and give it the true test.  The quality of the workmanship makes me believe that this bag will last me longer then I will need a bag, keep tuned for updates in a few months where I will let you know how we thought the bag held up.

Beijo Bags is going to give one of my lucky readers a Rockin’ Mama Diaper bag in the color of your choice ARV. $135.00

Go to Beijo Bags and tell me another bag that you would love to have.

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