Being a single parent and dating can be hard

I have been married for 8 years and with Lee for nearly 14 years so I forget how hard it is to be single and dating.  I do however have a friend who is separated from her spouse and has been doing some online dating stuff because it seems to be the most reliable way to meet a man who is worthy of her time.  She is a single mother to a whole bunch of kids and so finding a mate that can accept that I am sure cannot be the easiest thing to do and I do commend her for the effort.  She has met and dated one man whom was not a good fit for her through the site as well as met a few others she has told me about that she would like to get to know but timing stands in the way.

How in the world people are parents of kids find time to work dating into their lives I have no idea.  I am sure that if I was not married I would find time though because no one deserves to be alone and I believe there is one prince charming out there for each and every one of us even if we have to kiss a few frogs first.  I think I got lucky and found my prince charming almost right away although I did kiss a frog or two before hand I can assure you.  So if you are looking for a site that allows singles dating for single parents in the UK then I suggest you check out Just Single Parents which could be a really great resource for you.

I was very curious about the different ways there is to meet people and wow.  You can meet them in just about any place in public of course, introduced by friends or family and the other “traditional” ways.  But on top of that there is also the online sites, blind dates, speed dating which are more of a science then chance because with online sites you get to enter your profile and save time getting to know people that in the end your just not that into.

Anyway you find your mate I wish you all luck, and remember kissing a few frogs is OK because in the end you will find your prince/princess.

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  1. courtney b says:

    lol speed dating.. i dont know about that- but it’s interesting!

  2. Vickie Couturier says:

    I met my husband on the internet,,,10yrs ago,we long distance dated for 2 yrs an now have been happily married for 8yrs! I was married before for 30yrs to a abusive husband an waited until the last child turned 18 an graduated to leave an start a new life,,,,so happy now its unbeliveable

  3. Donna B. says:

    I never tried speed dating but I did try a few of the other things you listed. It dated a bit when my son was younger, but it’s weird – now that he’s gone off to college, I’m perfectly happy being on my own.

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