Blake is 10 where has the time gone

Blake was born on December 20 2000.  My baby weighed in at 8 lbs 10 ozs and was my longest labor at just under 9 hours.  We brought him home on Dec. 21st after a quick stop to the grocery store to get the supplys to cook a meal for 25 on December 24th.  I was excited to do this dinner and nothing was stopping me, not even giving birth.

Blake playing his drums he got for his 10th birthday

When Blake was 2 months old he was diagnosed with a serious heart condition that left his heart rate at 250 BPM when the normal range was about 120-150, this left us wondering if he was even going to survive the condition and twice we thought that we were losing him during the long road to figuring out what would control his heart.  We finally got an excellent doctor and he was put on propanol and tambocor both medications administered to elderly heart patients but if it was saving my 5 months old life then I was OK with it.  I know I said 2 months at the start and 5 months at the end because that is how long it took us to find medication that worked for us.  My heart broke each time my son was hospitalized and I was torn between my two sons as Chase was just 2 at this time.  Blake had seizures, his heart stopped beating, he stopped breathing we were told to call our families and a chaplain talked to us.  The scariest words a parent ever has to hear is CODE PINK to intensive care unit when your child is the only one in there that they would be calling that code for which is the equivalent to a code blue.

Somehow my boy was strong enough though and his tiny body lived on and as I said with the help of the medication his heart was able to heal itself into a normal rhythm.  Unfortunately at about the age of 3 the medicine that was saving his life nearly killed him.  He had petite mal seizures for over an hour before his blood sugars were checked and found to be dangerously low.  For the second time in his life my son was back in the intensive care unit to have his sugars monitored and ensure that he was healing fine and his heart was holding up as we had to quit one of the medications his body was rejecting it.  Again he lived through that and cut down to just the tambocor for another 3 years and is now medication free and his heart is working just fine.

Now today he is a happy healthy 10 year old who aged his parents and grandparents a million years in his short life here but we would not change it for the world, our experiences with him made us stronger, better parents and people and made those he touched better people as well.

Now onto the fun, for his birthday he requested a dinosaur cake, and a dinosaur cake he shall get.  I got to play with my new cricut mini and we had fun making him a cake, we in no way claim professional but I know he will love it because it was made with love from us.


  1. Blommi says:

    Happy Birthday to Blake. He is one tough little guy.

    Cake looks great 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    Happy Birthday, Blake! That cake looks so cute and tasty.

  3. Terra Heck says:

    Happy birthday to your son! Blake is my son’s middle name. The drum set looks fun. Someday when we get a bigger house I promised my boys I’d get them one.

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