Boba Carrier 3G Review & Giveaway

I firmly believe that wearing our kids helps strengthen our bond, make our kids more content and allows for us to get through crowds quicker without having to try to get a stroller through it.  I already own and use a Boba pretty much daily but Lee needed his own carrier since he was not loving the pattern I own.  So when we got the opportunity to do this review I knew I wanted one for him.  Unfortunatly for us the diaper dude Boba Carrier was not an option for us but luckily we were able to get a black one that is perfect for him and he quite enjoys wearing the kids in.

When I am trying to work on my blog I need him to take care of Kinley but at the same time he is trying to care for the other kids so he just straps on the Boba Carrier and pops her in and they are off and running, the best of both worlds Kinley is being held and other stuff is getting done in the house.  But this is not all he uses the Boba for.  Sometimes I am wearing Kinley already of even pushing her stroller when we are out and about with the two little kids but Holden gets whiny and tired of walking.  Well thanks to the fact that Boba is good up to 6 years but they recommend that you stop using it at about 4 years if they have not hit 45 lbs yet we can still carry Holden.  He loves to be back carried and Lee loves to do it with the Boba because it does not hurt his back, neck or shoulders like other carriers we have tried in the past do.

The Boba 3G is made out of 100% cotton and is made to fit parents ranging in height from 5′-6’3″ so that means that I can carry Kinley but then so can Lee, or my mother or even my sister and we can all use the same carrier comfortably.  I love that it comes with an adjustable sleep hood that can be removed if you no longer need to use it with your child (Holden still falls asleep sometimes so I doubt we will be removing anytime soon).

I for sure have carrier love with the Boba and now that we have two we keep one in the house and one in the car so that we can grab them and go when we are out.  I love that for using it with an older child you can have adjustable foot straps so that your child’s legs are not just dangling there and kicking you in the side with each step that you take.  You can also get teething straps (I will be investing in these for Kinley soon), they are made out of 100% organic cotton, reversible and perfectly safe for your child to chew on them.

The Boba 3G Carrier comes in 4 beautiful patterns and 3 stunning solid color combinations, the Boba Carrier 3G is the perfect option for any baby wearing family!

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