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I have zero luck when it comes to the kids in car seats.  Holden wears the Fisher Price branded diapers which we love to death because they are awesome for both night time and daytime absorbency wise, but it seems like every time we are in the car something happens and even if his diaper is freshly changed he manages to wet through and then I am stuck washing the car seat cover.  My car seat is a Britax seat that I reviewed a while back.  If you are looking for a car seat recommendation I highly recommend you check out my Britax Advocate CS car seat review.  We love this seat except for one thing, this thing weighs a ton so taking it in and out of the car every time it needs to be washed is a pain in the butt arms.

Now thanks to I now have a solution to taking the seat in and out every time we need to wash it.  No more tearing an entire car seat apart to wash I will just have to remove the cover and toss it in the washing machine.  Bokoo Covers makes car seat covers for infant car seats, toddler car seats and big kid seats (high back boosters).  Since we got a toddler car seat cover we are going to stick to talking about those in this post but I do encourage you to checkout the other covers they make.  There is even ones in there for strollers (stellar idea) and great way to spruce up an old stroller.

OK back to the car seat cover.  Now for toddler seats they do covers for the Britax Boulevard and the Britax Marathon.  When I saw that those were the only two brands they did I was disappointed until I did some research and found out that the actual seat on the Britax Advocate CS is the same as the Britax Boulevard and the difference is that my seat, the Advocate, has the side impact technology which is not covered by the carseat cover but rather the cover tucks underneath it.  So I went ahead and chose the cover for the Britax Boulevard.

The actual installation of the cover took me all of five minutes and that is only because my big heavy carseat kept falling over on my while I was working on it.  The cover for the Boulevard is the first of it’s kind in being a two part carseat cover that is specially tailored for this seat.  The cover is available in 12 green guard certified (certified for low chemical emissions), 3 organic colors or 1 organic fleece.  We chose and received the Lime car seat cover but if you don’t want one that is all the same color you can even personalize it so the center color and the outer color are two different ones.  You can even add a personalized embroidery to your seat for an additional $10.00.

Here are the features of this car seat cover I have taken off the website.

  • Breathable, water-proof liner and patented anti-crumb design help prevent crumbs or liquids from soiling original car seat.
  • Easy to take on and off, without having to fuss with buckles or remove the car seat GreenGuard fabric is both fade-resistant and stain-resistant, so you can wash as often as necessary to keep cover clean.
  • Certified organic fabric also available.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors.
  • Crash tested to the National Highway Traffic Administration FMVSS 213 on the model it is designed for.
  • Chemically and flammability tested.

We have not yet washed the car seat cover because we just received it but so far we are totally in love with it and I love the change it makes to my carseat.  The one and only thing I wish is that it had the strap covers to match because Holden throws a fit if his are not on and the seat looks kid of funny with the original straps colors on again the lime green color.  The carseat cover for the Boulevard is priced at $69.00 and in my research is in line with all the other covers I have seen.

I received a product to facilitate this product review, all opinions stated within are my own.

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