Boon Bug Pod Review & Giveaway ( ended)

I love boon, they make the most adorable, functional and high quality kids products I have come across.  I got the change to previously work with boon on their squirt spoon back during my back to blogging bash.  I am now working with them again on another product that I am so in love with.  The bugpod, a hot pink one to be exact.

Quite a few months ago I won the frogpod from another blogger and it was Maddisyns bath toy keeper and my new best friend.  No more wet toys on the side of my tub or toy nets taking up corners allowing cold toy water to drip into the bathtub, and in the sheer amount of toys she had no more spending 10 minutes scooping and draining toys from the bath.  Then Holden was born and his bath toys started to invade the space in the bathroom, I contacted boon on working with them on another item but their stock on it was depleted so I will be brining that to you in April, in the meantime they offered me another item to review and I immedietly jumped on the bugpod.  I did not know it came in hot pink until I was given a color choice, of course I chose hot pink, pink is Maddisyns favorite color.  So now Maddisyn is using the hot pink bugpod and Holden has the frogpod and this is what my bathroom wall above my tub looks like.

I don’t mind though I love being able to take the body off and just scoop the toys and hang it back up.  The water drains out of the holes in the bugs body so there is no yucky buildup.  The fingers and antenna hold face cloths/bath sponges and there is a shelf at the head part that holds their shampoos. 
The pods attach to the wall using either super strong adhesive strips or with screws.  When I won my frogpod it came with a mounting bracket that was all suction cups (pictured below) but now you have to purchase that piece seperate for the frog or the bug and that costs $2.99 and can be bought here, I will be getting one for the bugpod because I like being able to move the frog if I need to and I have ceramic tile in my bathroom I do not want to put screws into.

Depending on which mounting type you use the pods can hold 5, 10 or 20 lbs.  If you want it to hold the max you need to use the screws, for 10 lbs you can mount with the adhesive strips and for 5 lbs you can use the suction cups.  I am using the suction cups with the frogpod and I am using the strips for the bugpod and they both hold the same amount although I don’t think we are near 5 or 10 lbs in toys.

To mount the Bug Pod to the wall using the adhesive strips we cleaned and dried the bathroom wall first with our water and vinegar and then with rubbing alchol which we let dry throughly.  We then mounted the bracket to the wall and let it sit for a full 24 hours before we even hung the main part of the pod on it, we then left it another 72 hours before we placed the outerbody with toys on it.  We have not had it fall off the wall and have been very happy with both.  If you use the adhesive strips and want to move it you can purchase a replacment adhesive strips.

The boon bug pod can be purchased from boon for $34.99 and comes in red/black or pink/black or you can get it from Amazon.

Boon is going to give a Jabbering Jessi reader a Bug Pod of their own.
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