I am a nursing momma, I did not nurse my first, but nursed my last three for varying lengths.  Having breastfed three babies I know how hard it is to find a comfortable nursing bra, having large breasts and breastfeeding I know how next to impossible it is to find a nursing bra that is comfortable and fits and offers good support.  With Maddisyn I did not really have one and was miserable because I could not find anything comfy.  With Holden I had been living in nursing tanks not really willing to go through the failure of bra after bra with zero comfort.
Then I was introduced to Bravados Supreme Nursing Bra and it was great.  I could finally wear a bra instead of a tank top, have good support and be comfortable.  The Supreme nursing bra was made for women like me with fuller breasts, the need for good support and the hate for underwires.
It has a great design that distributes weight over the whole bra and your upper body, stopping presure or discomfort on your shoulders, neck or back.  Bravado has even been told by some moms that their heartburn went away when they got the Supreme.  It is made with light fabric so you don’t get overhot but it is strong and does not stretch with wear.

The center at the front has a cute little keyhole which serves as both functional and fashionable.  It allows full access to the breast for easier feeding, it can be opened as well if you are very full if baby is sleepign longer or if you are out shopping longer then you thought (happened to me more then once).  The shoulder straps have a bit of padding in them and are the perfect width to be very comfy and not dig into your shoulders.  The nursing clips are easy to  open and I was able to do it with Holden in one hand and using only my other which is very convienent and a must for me.

All in all I give this bra an A+++ and if I can ever convince Lee to add one more to the family I will be investing in more of these nursing bras from Bravado and at $50.00 I think it is a great deal compared to some other less comfortable bras I have seen out there.

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