Braveheart Woman

As a woman and a mom and a blogger I am starting to learn a lot more about social networking.  I spend a lot of time on sites like facebook, twitter, my blog, sometimes my space which are all various forms of social networking, but I am also on the lookout for social networking for women a place where I can go and connect with other people, real people that are great to read on, talk to, learn about etc.

Braveheart Women is a great site community that allows you to meet empowering women from all over the world, draw inspiration, gain strength and help make changes that matter.

Straight from the welcoming email I received when I joined “Our mission is:

1) Grow personally
2) Together create meaningful changes in the world

We’re not about gossip, complaining, or any other superficial theme…
Our journey together will be fun, meaningful, enlightening, stimulating,strengthening, empowering, and purposeful….”

That statement in itself is enough to make me believe that it is a good place to be.  I am just new but am enjoying exploring and learning about the community and the great people behind it.

With Braveheart Woman you are able to:

  • Create your own expressive personal profile
  • Upload your favorite photos and create beautiful albums
  • Share videos that you love, or videos that highlight your work and life
  • Cultivate new friendships with like-minded women in the Community
  • Build your own personal blog that is distributed to everyone in the Community
  • Take part in powerful discussion forums
  • Join a discussion or start a topic of your own choosing
  • Post comments and send messages to other members
  • Invite your friends, family and associates into the Community
  • Start your own Community within the BraveHeart Women Community
  • Use the Community to raise your search engine rankings
  • Create storyboards to share your passions
  • Make discussion forums within your personal Community
  • Enjoy a user-friendly interface
  • Put together a fan list of your favority BraveHeart Women
  • Find out who is online for maximum interaction
  • Search for topics and people you’d like to find

Go, join, learn and lets connect.

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