Breast Implants – Would you do it?

Would you get breast implants?  I have been blessed (or cursed) with a larger chest since I started having kids so having breast implants is the furthest thing from my mind and at this point I would rather a slight breast reduction.  Now before I started having kids though I did have quite a small chest and I certainly would have considered implants then.  I fear though that now with the breast size I have as I get older they are going to get lower so maybe a little lift will be necessary in the future.

I do know a girl that is currently looking at getting breast implants and I often wonder if the cost is worth it but I think that because she is considering it, and she is very serious about it and has done all her research then she does think it is worth it despite what breast implants cost today.  I think I am too cheap to get implants because for me I think of the long term everything I would need to spend and that would be the cost of the implants 8,000+ (just a guess please do not quote the price), new bras, new shirts and new swim suits etc. I just think I couldn’t spend the money haha.  Maybe before I had kids but not now.

So while I don’t need implants because of the breast feeding, yet anyways they could shrink back to smaller then I started once all my kids are born and such I am not sure I could justify the cost of it to myself.  Have you considered or do you have breast implants?  Do you like or regret your decision?

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  1. Mami2jcn says:

    I’m with you…my chest grew a lot after having kids. So I can’t see getting implants. Liposuction would be nice!

  2. courtney b says:

    i did it .. and i honestly regret it.. i feel like it’s caused a lot of my health problems, I would tell anyone out there DONT Do it!

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