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Normal bras are padded with man made materials that stop the evaporation of sweat.  This means that you end up having a wet spot in the cup area, which as any woman can tell you really sucks.  Breeze Comfort has come up with a product that will prevent this.  The Ventipad, the Ventipad is a revolutionary invention in bras.  Nothing like a traditional bra pad, the Ventipad has holes in it for ultimate breathability while wearing the bra which allows for maximum passage of air and mositure from against the chest.
Moisture wicking fabric alone in traditional, padded bras is not enough to create a truly breathable, high performance garment. The patented ventilation channels in the Ventipad enables increased air circulation to occur which allows for perspiration to evaporate more quickly. The result is less moisture and heat, making the wearer experience more pleasant.

Ultimately, staying cool and dry is the key to staying comfortable. The combination of the VentipadTM technology with existing breathable and moisture wicking fabric enables Breeze Comfort bras and sports bras to be truly breathable. Whether your activity level is low, medium or high impact, you will discover that Breeze Comfort bras, sports bras, and sports tops offer the ultimate in comfort, style and support.

Breeze comfort offers sports bras, sports tops and regular bras all with the Ventipad technology.  Now I unfortuantly was given the opportunity to review this but was unable to because after four kids my breasts are slightly larger then normal lol.  I do know though that there are going to be a few other bloggers testing this and writing the review on it, I will link you all to them as their reviews go up this way you can see what people who actually tested it.  The bras fit from a 32A up to a 42D and are super cute, I am hoping when I lose all the weight I am planning on I will fit in one and can test it for you.

They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee you can return unworn unwashe garments back to them with the tags still on if the item you receive is not what you were expecting within 30 days.  Breeze comfort offers free shipping on all orders over $50.00 US or International. 
The sports bras costs $39.99 for each of the four styles.  The sports top is regular $45.99 and is on sale now for $39.99.  The bras are all currently priced at $24.99 and there is regular as well as pushup style bras.  I will for sure be recommending these bras to my friends and family when they mention they are on the never ending bra search which it seems so many are.
You can see a review that has already been written on the Lingerie Blog by click on this LINK.
EXCITING NEWS:  Breeze Comfort is in the midst of having a valentines sale and if you purchase any sports bra you get a free regular or pushup bra, that is an awesome deal.  Sale ends February 14th so hurry and get yours today.


  1. Mevolving says:

    Hi Jessi! I love your review of the site, I'm one of the bloggers who tested the Breeze Comfort and posted my review today 🙂 How awesome that we both started our giveaways today too!

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