Bridesmaids the movie…Girls Night In

On September 20th the movie Bridesmaids released onto Blu-ray and DVD.  I had the special task of hosting a girls night in this past weekend to celebrate that release and do an advanced screening with my friends/family as a girls night in.  I invited a few of my friends and my mother, Lee’s mother, my sister and my step mother over to watch the movie with me.  The opening scene was a little awkward with the ages of the ladies in the room but no one got embarrassed or said anything and everyone took it in stride which was great.  Don’t mind the fact that Maddisyn was in the picture she stayed up long enough to say hi to everyone and have a couple pieces of popcorn and a cake pop and was in bed asleep before the movie even started.

We all laughed so hard through the movie that my step-mother actually is going to borrow it and watch it again since she missed a lot of it laughing and she said she laughed the entire way home.  My mother thought it was a great movie and told her friends about it a couple of whom have called me to borrow it.  My step-mother said it was a cute movie which I think is her way of saying she approved.

We had lots of munchies there of course because what is a movie viewing party without munchies lol.

All in all I would say that the movie Bridesmaids is a huge hit and since I am getting calls to borrow it from other people I would guess that my party guests are passing the word around which means they all liked it.

I give this movie two thumbs and all my fingers up it was an excellent view, I even had Lee watch it afterwords and he said it was not too much of a chick flick for him and he found it to be pretty funny too.

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  1. Jenn says:

    I laughed soooo hard at this movie. Hubs actually like it too. Guess it had enough toilet humor to suit him. 😉

  2. Janet W. says:

    Haven’t seen the movie yet. Your food spread looks so good!

  3. This movie was hilarious!! I can’t wait to watch it again…LOL!

  4. Jimmy Tody says:

    9/22/2016 at 18:11:38 Greetings from danglekatangul

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