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With four kids and two adults in this house and me being pregnant I find I am spending a lot of time looking at different places that I can get our medications at a discounted price.  We have medical coverage but it is still expensive because we have to pay up front and then be reimbursed for the cost of the medicine.  In my first 20 weeks or so of pregnancy I had to be on a medication called Diclectin to help control the morning sickness and while it did not really take it away completely it did help me be able to function like a part human at least.  I never thought to shop online for this medication and was paying 200+  at our pharmacy for just a few weeks worth of the medicine.  If I would have found I would have been paying a whole lot less for the same thing.

Now that I have found Canada Drug Pharmacy I do have it bookmarked in my computer and do intend on ordering all I can from them although I understand it is not always possible to get prescription medicine online.  But they do also have over the counter mediciations for lots of things like allergies, cold and cough, smoking cessation help, back pain relief and so much more.  These things can all be pre-planned and ordered online to ensure you get the best price possible.

So the next time you are thinking OK it is time to stock up on allergy medications, which we have to do because Holden swells like a balloon with mosquito bites, check online first to see if you can save yourself some money before you go into a store to buy it.

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