Canadian Idol Contestant arrested on Terrorism suspicion – Khuram Sher

Can you believe it?  Just in 2008 he was singing for Sass Jordan and the other Canadian Idol judges and now he has been arrested for suspected terrorism.  Sher was born in Pakistan but had been in Canada since 2005.

There was three people arrested in total.  His two accomplices were arrested in Ottawa and he was arrested in London this morning.  The three men were allegedly part of a domestic terrosim plot that the RCMP had been tracking over the last two years.  Does this mean that while he was singing for Canadian Idol he was also planning an attack?

Charges against the three include committing an act for terrorism purposes, providing or making available property for terrorism purposes and conspiracy to commit a terrorist offense.

What in the heck has is this world coming to?  I sincerely hope that people will wake up, give their heads a shake and realize that nothing is worth all this death, turmoil, war and fighting.

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