Car MD Review

CarMD is a car buyers best friend.  We received our unit for testing and Lee wanted to plug it into every car he came in contact with it was quite funny.  After receiving it though and using it on my parents car we were able to tell them what was wrong with it so they could fix it, we were also able to find out our van was in good running condition had we wanted to take a trip somewhere. 
You see CarMD is a small handheld device that you plug into the computer of your car and it tells you if something if wrong.  This miracle tool is only the size of a thick tv remote, comes with software to install on your computer so that once you plug it into the car you can plug it into your home PC via USB and it gives you a full report on your car. 

What is CarMD useful for you ask?  Well this chart answers that question best.

I highly recommend this product to everyone we come in contact with and love showing it off to all our friends and family.  The only con is that it only allows you to register 3 cars for each handheld unit, so if i am shopping around to buy a new car I can’t really use this on each car we consider.  You can buy CarMD for 89.99 and in my opinion it is worth the money.

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