Case-Mate Quilted iPhone 4 Madison Case Review

I love to change things up on my iPhone depending on my mood, clothes or destination.  I recently had a fantastic case made with my logo on it but sometimes it does not work for my style.  If I am going out on a date with my husband, attending a wedding or dressing up for anything I like to dress up my iPhone 4.  Case-Mate realizes that sometimes a girl just needs a little fancy and in doing so they have made the fabulous Madison Quilted iPhone 4 case, I love the name because of my Maddisyn.

The Madison case by Case-Mate is a soft touch case, I actually love the feel of this case and I was super nervous I would not because sometimes we just never know until we feel it.  It is very easy to put this case on and off my phone it just pops on but there is no worry about it coming off it is quite secure.

Fashioned from a quilted material, the handcrafted case mimics the iconic fashion style. The leather case securely wraps around your iPhone for a form-fitting look. Finished with Swarovski crystal elements, the ladylike case completes any style.

The slim profile of the Madison Case-Mate case allows you to show more of your phone and is not bulky like a lot of other fancy, cute cases I have had in the past.  It is available in three colors on but if you buy from Nordstrom they have a pink case as well, mine is black and I love the sleek look of it.  I really liked the cream but I was afraid with the kids it would get dirty too fast, the blue was cute too but would not match everything like my black.

The Case-Mate iPhone 4 Madison Quilted Case is $49.99 and sold on, and at Nordstrom and in the US. Other Case-Mate products sold in Canada are distributed exclusively by Hitfar and are available for purchase by Canadian consumers at Best Buy, Future Shop, Glentel, Telus Bell, Rogers and more. You can also find cases for a wide variety of smartphones and tablet devices on the Case-Mate Web site:

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  1. Donna B. says:

    I love the look of the pink case!

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