Cesar – What does your dog do to make you smile?

I was put that very question in preparing for this post and I had to take a minute to think of the many reasons that our dogs make us smile.  The way they play is for sure to bring a smile to someones face the way they chase each other around but beyond that the way they play with our kids.  Tucker loves to get on the trampoline with Maddisyn and Holden and “jump” with them.  Holly loves to swim with them and of course because she is so big Holden thinks she is like a horse he can ride around if he wants to.

When I was pregnant with Kinley I was quite sick for almost my entire pregnancy but I had some days that were worse then the others. When I was having my bad days that I couldn’t get out of bed Holly would lay in bed with me all day keeping me company.  My regularly hyper running and jumping pup would just lounge with me calmly and let me put my head on her or cuddle up to her if I need to.  She could for sure sense that I was not doing so well and didn’t want to leave my side my husband had to bring her food and water to our room so she would eat that day and we had to force her outside it was really touching.  I think that for this reason alone I understand why labs and retrievers make good companion dogs.

Thanks to Cesar others can feel this unconditional love that I did while I was sick.  Cesar created the Share a Story and Share the Loveinitiative, a social media campaign to help support and spotlight therapy dog organizations, to ensure people in need continue to receive the powerful benefits of a dog’s unconditional love.  The Share a Story and Share the Love campaign encourages dog lovers to share the heartwarming stories of therapy dogs through their social media communities such as Facebook and Twitter. In return, Cesar will share the love with three therapy dog organizations through donations that help continue the services they provide to people in need.

What does your pet do to make you smile, show you that they love you or that they will be your companion to the end?

I wrote this review while participating in an ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Cesar and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate

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