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Have you ever heard of Chick On The Go?  If not you for sure need to keep reading this post.  I found out about Chick On The Go and went after getting a review to share with you.  It only comes in sizes xs-xl so I would not fit it being a plus size momma, luckily my mom was more then willing to be a model and help me do this product review.  We had a lot of fun dressing her up in the many ways that you can wear the outfit.  It comes with 5 garmets – a dress, white tank top, white long sleeved shirt, pants and a shawl, as well as two accessories – a white scarf and a black scarf.  With these 7 simple pieces you can create 25 different outfits the can be easily changed.  So you can wear one outfit to work, then quickly change pieces to go out to dinner, out to the club or even be casual and just out for an afternoon of shopping.

Here are some pictures of outfits my mom and I created together using the Chick on the Go kit.  I have also included stock images from the website showing you which pieces we used to create each outfit.  The pieces all fit my mom great except the pants, she has shorter legs so as you can see from the pictures the pants are slightly long but she will be having them tailored to fit her.

The Professional

The Flirty or The Night Out

The Casual

The Flirty & The Night Out


The Night Out

That is just five of the 25 outfits that you can create.  We had so much fun I have a bunch more pictures but figured I would stop here so it was not picture overload.

All of the clothes come in an adorable clutch size case so it is easy to take with you on vacation, to the office, to a wedding or just about anywhere else you have to run off to and want to be able to change your look during or after.

Chick on the Go was created to enable the traveling woman, whether traveling for business or pleasure, to have an entire wardrobe at their fingertips.  Chick on the Go is comprised of a beautifully decorative cosmetic sized case prepacked with FIVE MUST HAVE pieces of clothing and TWO accessories.  These garments coordinate together to create an array of different combination’s, which complement conservative business attire, elegant social events, casual dining or even lounge wear.  The number of combination’s one can create are limited only by their imagination.

The idea for Chick on the Go began when the designer, Silvia Allegrini, was traveling overseas with her family to enjoy a well-deserved vacation.  However, her LUGGAGE WAS DELAYED by the airlines.  The struggle to purchase appropriate attire became time consuming, costly and anxiety producing.  This experience became the inspiration for the creation of CHICK ON THE GO.

The Chick on the Go kit can be purchased for $199 which when you look at the pieces you get and once you get them feel the quality you will agree it is quite worth the money.  The Chick on the Go wardrobe will work for all body types because there is not buttons or zippers, the material is a rayon spandex blend allowing for stretch and comfort.  It is sleek and chic and ready to go whenever you are.  This entire kit weighs less than 4 pounds promoting comfortable and easy traveling.

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  1. Donna B. says:

    I’ve never heard of them, but all those pieces look super cute and great for travel.

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