Children’s Revolution – One stop GORGEOUS childrens shop

I told you all I had been sick recently which has really sucked, I have had zero energy to write posts beyond getting ready for next week and even then it would take me 6-8 hours per post because my brain was malfunctioning, then I would get a friend or Lee to read it and make sure I made complete sense.  So in my down time AKA mush brain time I would “window” shop around in this great new store I found out about called Children’s Revolution.  I found some pretty great stuff in the store that I either need or want (a matter of opinion, I need or want it and Lee says I don’t haha)

Gold and Grey Free Wheeler Double Stroller (click the picture to go to the website)

Guidecraft Butterfly Toy Box

I could go on forever but I have to show you this one last thing and then you will have to go and get lost for hours browsing the store yourself.

Four Arm Mocha Valentino Chandelier with Pink and Brown Bow Shades

How adorable is that, the toy box and Chandelier would look so great in Maddisyns room and the double stroller would make my life easier and my back hurt less.  So now I am going to send you off on your way to explore Children’s Revolution all on your lonesome, feel free to come back and draw my attention to things you think I might be interested in because I think no matter how long I look I will miss stuff.

Children’s Revolution has also given me a code for you all to use when shopping in their store.  Simply use the code “jabberingjessi” and receive 15% off your purchase.  Children’s Revolution also right now has free shipping on all orders of $175 but there is no end date so I would not hesitate on making your purchase too long.

Oh one more thing before you go shopping, fan Children’s Revolution on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter.

I did not receive any products/monetary compensation in exchange for this post

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