Christmas Gift Ideas & the Ultimate Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar…

As the holiday season moves from the distant, to the not-so-distant future, some of you super-organised types may be thinking about Christmas gift ideas just to get a head start?

For chocolate gift ideas, Hotel Chocolat is one to remember for when the time for gift shopping arrives. The Christmas gift range has luxury chocolate treats for a variety of different people and occasions, across a range of prices. The special 2010 Christmas range has a broad selection from ‘Tiddly Reindeers’ to sumptuous Dark Truffle Christmas Trees, and the intriguing ‘Mini Christmas Dinners’.

Hotel Chocolat is a luxury British cocoa grower and chocolate maker, who own the 140-acre Rabot Estate in St Lucia, Caribbean. From their own estate they grow the finest quality cocoa from select ingredients making them one of a select few ‘origin chocolatiers’ who can make outstanding chocolate with unique characteristics and taste.

As a company devoted to high quality chocolate, Hotel Chocolat has a wealth of information online to delight the committed chocoholic. The website has gourmet chocolate cuisine recipes, background information on how fine cocoa is grown, and a comprehensive chocolate glossary for the connoisseur of chocolate facts.

It is interesting to read how through their ‘Engaged Ethics’ program, Hotel Chocolat works to enable sustainable development in the communities where their cocoa is grown. Many projects have been undertaken in Ghana and St. Lucia to stimulate increased prosperity, and try and rebalance the inequality between farmers who grow the product of those of us who buy it.

A particularly tempting Christmas gift idea is the Ultimate Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar

Within each window of this gorgeous advent calendar lays a different Christmas figure in either velvety 40% milk or rich 50% milk chocolate decorated with nibbly cocoa nibs.

.…tempting as it is, it may be tricky be keep yourself to one yummy chocolate per day?!

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