Christmastime is here again!!!

I am getting so excited about Christmas like you wouldn’t believe.  For the first time ever I am almost done my shopping, got all my gifts wrapped and can just think of how relaxing Christmas Eve is going to be with our family tradition of opening a couple gifts (pajamas, mugs, a movie and snacks while we relax as a family and just be together before Santa comes.

We already have all of our boxes of Christmas decorations out, we have such a variety of Christmas Decor that it is hilarious.  After four kids, three of whom have been doing crafts to make decorations we have a bunch of weird looking stuff but to be quite honest I love it because that is made by my kids from the heart.

Last week my dad and step mother bought the kids this great key for Santa to help him get into our house on Christmas Eve, I love it so much and so do the kids.  Now we don’t need to leave the door unlocked anymore because we do not have a chimney, we simply hang the key on the doorknob and then Santa can come in and leave the kids all sorts of exciting presents.

On top of the great Santa key I am noticing Maddisyn getting Christmas too more and more this year.  This past weekend we did something I had always done as a child and still have great memories of and wanted to pass those onto my own kids.  We went and cut down our own Christmas Tree.  My mom, step-father, mother-in-law, Lee, myself and the four kids all went out to Marshall’s Tree farm and went on a tractor pulled sleigh up to where all the christmas trees are and were able to choose our own tree and cut it down.  Everyone had so much fun pushing each other into the snow, checking out trees, making snow angels and finally picking out a tree that we all agreed on and cutting it down.

Then came my favorite time, we got to decorate the tree we just cut down.  We dug out our decorations and let Maddisyn, Chase and Holden at the tree, Blake did not care and went to my mother in laws house instead for the night which was OK with me, he has done the tree a ton before and clearly just wanted to spend time with his grandparents.  When my tree was done i had a huge splattering of decorations of different sorts on my tree, most very close together and at the bottom thanks to the two babies but I love it just the same because it was done by the kids.

As you can see we are ready for Christmas, I just wish I could put the wrapped gifts under the tree but I know that the little ones would just unwrap them so that will wait for Christmas Eve just before we all head to bed.  I am very glad that I was also able to share these pics and post with you all.


  1. Katie says:

    I’m jealous that you’re done shopping! Work shorted my check $375, which would’ve finished my shopping and then some, so now I have to wait until they either cut me another check, or the next payday. Ugh!

  2. Cheryl says:

    I totally agree with you!! I was never allowed to decorate the tree in my parents home ( my mom was a perfectionist) and there are so many ornaments on a few branches, but I left it that way. I love it that my girls did it. 🙂

  3. Terra Heck says:

    Looks like you have been busy. The tree looks wonderful.

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