Chunky or Delicate, which do you prefer?

I love jewelry now.  I did not before I had an aversion to it all and am not really sure why, I wore one ring and that was my engagement ring, I would not even wear my wedding band.  But now I have two rings on one hand, three on the other a necklace, an anklet and earrings.  I have done a complete 360 in the last year or so which is fine for me, Lee on the other hand finds my new liking to be expensive sometimes haha.

I love to browse around and find new and different rings, earrings and necklaces to try out, as a mater of fact I very soon, like next week, will have a giveaway up for a beautiful Mothers Ring.  In the meantime I keep my eye out for interesting pieces both modern and vintage I love.  I am not one to wear just anything but I do love chunky necklaces with some of the tops I own and I have some very tiny delicate ones that I wear when I want to be more dressy.  My newest obsession is murano glass pendants I just think they come in so many different shapes and colors I could own a TON and still never have enough I think haha.

Now I am interested to know what is your favorite piece of jewelry you own and do you prefer to wear chunky or delicate pieces?


  1. In high school I always wore a ton of very heavy jewelry, especially necklaces and bracelets. For Christmas my senior year, my boyfriend (now my husband almost 8 years later) gave me a beautiful delicate leafy/vine necklace he had picked out; now I rarely take it off. It has transformed my all-over jewelry style into a much more delicate bend, and sometimes I think he has better taste in jewelry than I do!

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