Cogs Computer and iPhone game

We are all gamers in this house and I hope that this will be one of many games I get to share with you on many platforms.  I am lucky enough to be a member of the Game Review Network and this gives me the opportunity to receive and review some games for you all on my blog.  Huge thanks first off to Valerie for all the hard work she does for the Game Review Network.  Now onto the review 🙂

I started out playing this game and kept getting stumped so my two boys came and sat with me and said “awww mom you suck” I am so appreciative lol.  Then they proceeded to help me through some of the levels I got stuck on.  Cogs is a new puzzle game for both the PC and the iPhone where you go through and each level you have to build a whole variety of machines using sliders to move gears and pieces and redirect steam etc.  There are 50 levels and three gameplay modes in which each player can play. 

The boys have since given up playing with me and asked for me to put the game on their computer so that they could play it whenever they wanted and not have to wait for me.  So I went ahead and installed it on their computer and I love listening to/watching the kids play together.  They get really into it yelling slide that here, no there, no that piece needs to go here.  Sometimes they get too rowdy and I have to get them to take a break but this game has provided us with a lot of family fun time.  Here is a game trailer from Youtube that shows some of the fun game play.

I have recommended this game to a few friends and they have tried it for themselves and all feel the same way.
Do you want to try this game?  Then you can go to the Cogsgame webpage and download a free demo where you can try the first 8 levels, but I feel I must warn you that you will quickly become addicted and need to buy the full game.
This game was provided to me by my membership with Game Review Network, the opinions in this review are my own and not influenced by compensation of any sort.


  1. valmg @ Game Review Network says:

    Thanks for the review Jessi!I want to play this myself but my computer isn't compatible. Glad you and the kids are having fun!

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