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I need to get something for Holden for winter when we go out in his carseat and in the stroller.  Keep in mind that we sometimes walk to our school about 10 min walk to spend the morning at our Parent and Family Literacy center.  I am not sure I want a traditional snowsuit that leaves him looking like a star that can’t bend his arms or legs lol.  I am looking for something that is more like a bunting bag the has a spot for the straps of his carseat to do up int he crotch or something along those lines anyhow. 
I like this one from the Gap but it is 50 dollars and I am not sure I am willing to spend that much on it.

It converts to one with legs
But anyways in your searches around the net if you find something similar (it does not have to convert to have legs I like the bunting style anyhow that the strap goes through.  In a size 12ish months or so, please let me know where and link me up.  I am not against buying used either if you see one online or whatever used for a reasonable price.


  1. Evil Angel says:

    Have you checked childrens resale shops in your area? I got one similar to the 2nd picture for our Daughter last year for $25 at a childrens resale shop and it was brand new with the Carters tags still attached.The sold it back to the same shop this fall.

  2. Jessi says:

    I live in a small town the one place i have Once Upon A Child had nothing

  3. dotcomkari says:

    They have one on Ebay 6-12 months will keep my eye out for others I see around!

  4. Jessi says:

    ohhhh thank you so much Kari, I am now stalking that on ebay lol heres hoping it stays below 30 then I think i can justify the purchase

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