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As most of you that have been around before know I’m not a coffee drinker but Lee absolutley is.

When I got the opportunity to work with Community Coffee I let Lee tell me what he would like to try and in his words “how can I possibly choose” Community Coffee has a very large selection of coffee, Traditional and otherwise as well as Tea and accessories.

We recieved a few different coffee choices from Community Coffee and Lee opened it right away of course and started brewing a pot of Cinnamon Roll flavoured coffee. Not being a coffee drinker I don’t really care for the smell of it either but let me just say that the aroma from this coffee filled the house with a delicious scent. Perfectly timed right around the holidays it really made the house smell like christmas to me, the smell of cinnamon roll and almost a hint of fresh made hot chocolate I was almost tempted to try it. Lee said it tasted just as good as it smelled if not better and took it to work with him to make there the next day.

Lee hasn’t tried all of the flavours we recieved yet but said the Coffee and Chicory was excellent. for those who are interested Chicory is a bush herb that was used as a coffee substitute/additive when there was a coffee shortage during wars and is still used in some parts of the world because people love the taste or simply because coffee can not be as easily or cheaply found.

In the traditional Coffee category we recieved Medium Roast ground and Lee says it’s a fantastic “every day” coffee, he generally has a few cups of it here before even getting mobile in the mornings on his days off.

All in all Lee says he has a couple more flavours to try but every thing he has tasted so far was great and very fresh, and he will absolutley be ordering coffee from them again once his supply starts to diminish.

The kids and I were lucky enough to be included and we received the gourmet hot chocolate for two which sells for $5.95 a cone. We got three of them so enough for six cups of cocoa and we drank them on christmas even snuggled up watching tv together. It has semisweet and white chocolate chunks with tiny marshmallows with 5.5 ozs of cocoa and is oh so yummy I want more already.  I also got an adorable travel mug for the holidays that I have already had to fight the kids for twice.

Just to list a few more specific products Community Coffee has available in the already mentioned categories, theres also Decaf, one-cup coffee pods, instant coffees, cappuccino and Four-Cup filter packs. In the Gifts and accessories you can find, Mugs, gift sets, Coffee brewers and grinders, Clothes and much more.

Thank you the Community Coffee for this great product to review.
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