Coupon codes can help rock your way into the new year

I know that for me Christmas shopping in my house starts as soon as Christmas ends.  With four kids who are getting older and more expensive it is better to buy in bits at a time then to buy all at once and feel super overwhelmed with gifts and money going out.

I also know that when I get to my shopping I try to use coupons as much as humanly possible because it helps make it a little easier on the wallet too.  Usually I add up all that I put out for Christmas but I think this year I am just going to say it was probably too much and leave it at that lol.  I do though like to find myself some coupons and love to share them too.  I find looking for coupons is like a mini scavenger hunt sometimes and when friends post things on facebook or msn to me like looking for a crate and barrel coupon code I am all over it searching to find the best one I can for them because I am a firm believer that money saved is money well spent elsewhere.

Just last week I found a really great kohls coupon code and while I don’t live near one I know I can shop online to find stuff for next years festive stockpile so I am happy with that.

Do you use coupons in your shopping?  I don’t in my grocery shopping because we don’t get coupons here like other places do but I do use then wherever possible in my gift shopping.

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